Our Products

Vendor relationships :
Nti is proud of its long-standing relationships with its international suppliers and we consider it to be one of our main strengths. Our partnerships cover global vendors with some of the leading and most innovative names in networking.


3com is a leading global provide of enterprise and small business networking solutions that help organizations achieve their business and networking objectives. The company has had a major impact on computer networking since the creations of Ethernet in the 1970s. 3com mission is to proved customer worldwide with high-quality, low-cost networking infrastructure solutions that enable the convergence of applications and emerging technologies into the network.


D-Link :
The global leader in revenue and market share for wireless and Ethernet networking for both consumer and SOHO users. D-Link is dedicated to making networking easy and affordable for its customers by offering innovative, affordable, award-winning products that seamlessly integrate with a variety of devices and applications.

We Are Distributors For:


DDC s Level One Products :
Established in 1991, Digital data communications specializes in networking solutions with innovative technology. Its product lines have grown into a rich array of cost-effective networking solutions and Volp products. Headquartered in Germany, all level one products comply with European ISO and American mil-std quality standards.


Openet ICS:
Openet ICS specializes the manufacturing of data and voice passive components for networking, as well as basic network active products for any installation. ICS is capable of offering a complete end to end integrated solution for all your networking needs form cat5e, cat6 and cat7 cabling systems to fiber optic cabling systems and 19" data cabinets.


Premium line cabling systems :
Premium line is a comprehensive system solution for network infrastructures. Mainly designed in Europe premium line has a complete product portfolio including patch cords, patch panels outlets keystones and workstation components for cat5, cat6, and cat7, media converts and fiber optic based cabling system.


EFB Electronik:
Founded in 1988, EFB provides customers with high quality products supported by reliable and exceptional service. EFB specializes in the production and distribution of components for network with a focus in fiber optic and copper cables.


TFO Fiber Optic :
TOF provides integrated solutions for the deployment of telecommunication network based on fiber optic technologies. With its fiber optic and fiber to the home (FTTH) technologies, TFO is able to design manufacture and deliver system and solutions intended to optimize network deployments.


CPM Cabinet Systems:
CPM is a company that has proven to be one of the leaders and pioneers in the field of designing and manufacturing data cabinets. They provide a full range of high quality and superior designed data cabinets and server racks.


Full corp :
Full Enterprise Corporation introduced their first datacom product over 20 years ago and has expanded to offer one of the widest ranges of the quality datacom products the company provides clients with all passive components of the network at industry standards and independent quality approvals verified by delta laboratories.


TOTEN Cabinet systems :
Toten precision machinery co. ltd. Specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of cabinets and enclosures for the telecommunications and IT industry with a group of experienced manager and technicians the company maintains high quality standards for its products while developing new products and processes products according to designs or samples. TOTEN is an ISO9002 certified manufacturer.

TeleEye :
As technology –driven company ,the Group aggressively develops and offers total video surveillance Products to the markets including network CCTV,dial –up CCTV ,CCTV application software ,standalone DVR, video camera ,speed domes and software for customers selection .