Our Services

Our advantages :
In choosing network solutions and where to procure them, a customer must consider many factors. Nti excels over other distributors by providing a superior End to end solutions from order placement to after sales support.

High service levels :
Our responsive customer service and sales staff ensure your needs are met. We have an optimum logistical Infrastructure that guarantees permanent stock availability to fulfill order requirements rapidly. Our interactive customer service staff also addresses Clint concerns as quickly as possible.

Expert technical consulting and support :
Our technical team is with you every step of the way we provide dependable technical expertise and support for our clients form site survey, solution design installation and maintenance.

State of the art technology:
Our technical department proactively researches the latest products on an ongoing basis. This enables us to offer and implement the latest technology solutions to our clients.

Value added services :
NTI provides a range of services executed by our highly experienced technical team to deliver successful project implementations. Our professional expertise gives us the capability of designing and integrating any size of data network form small office network to enterprise wide. Our team also designs network built to scale, keeping in mind your future needs.

Data network :
For data network, NTI undertakes the project implementation process with a succinct and proven strategy. This includes:

-site survey : understanding client site requirements and needed functionality
-network design : design of an optimized solution to meet objectives
-installation : network setup and deployment based on design and site survey

Network Testing and Maintenance:
Using our set of specially developed tools, certified testers can test and inspect and repair any type and size of network to easily locate and repair any faults or discrepancies. Our technical staff also provides on call maintenance to make sure your network is always up and running.

Network Documentation:
Our technical team is well trained in the development of professional network documentation this gives the client administrator full capability to trace and maintain the network effectively.